International Law Students’ Buffet

As home to students of over 100 nationalities and with an admirable ranking in the International Student Barometer, UCLan offers an energetic, diverse community where everyone – students and staff – feels at ease and learns from one another.

We invited our international law students’ to unite and celebrate their nationalities and culture with an international buffet organised by senior law lecturer Peter Kay, who acts as personal tutor for all our students from outside the UK. We have students who have travelled as far as France, Mauritius and Ghana who to want to study Law at UCLan.

“I find my time here at UCLan an unforgettable experience! Being able to both live and study in this beautiful country fills me with a sense of joy and happiness. The teachers, students and experiences have made my total experience here in England perfect.”

Gloria Kostadinova Nikova, 1st year from Norway.

Graduates from Lancashire Law School can be found in a wide range of roles across the world, including UK and international legal practise, the judiciary, European and UK parliamentary offices, Chinese government legal offices, national and international business leaders, chief executives, chief constables and academics in universities in the UK, China, Europe and the Middle East.

“Studying at UCLan has been a wonderful experience. It is a very conducive and friendly environment in which to learn. The school offers a wide range of learning and teaching methods. I am so proud to be part of this institution.”

Zainab El-Rufen, 2nd year from Nigeria.

We are incredibly honoured to house such hardworking and inspiring students from across the globe, and look forward to welcoming many more in the future.


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