Student Experience

Why you should attend Lancashire Law Fair 2015


Lancashire Law Fair will soon be upon us and we have got a long list of firms already lined up and waiting. If you are wondering what the benefits of attending this event are for you as a student please take a look at the following account written by a current LPC student who attended the Law Fair last year.

This account was written by Chris Crawley (UCLan Law Graduate currently studying the Legal Practice LPC)

I have had some great results from firms directly from attending the Law Fair. These are as a direct result from talking to and handing my CV in to the representatives at the Law Fair and then keeping in touch as I got my degree results and their recruitment campaigns opened.

This week I have a training contact interview with a large law firm based in Lancashire and I am also progressing through the recruitment process at another major firm in the North West.

One of these law firms actually bypassed their usual rules for application in my case due to my attendance and engagement at the Law Fair. The firm was only supposed to accept applications during January (2015) however, my application was processed by handing in my CV to the recruiter at the Law Fair and keeping them updated once the results of my degree had been confirmed.

The introduction of the Law Fair is a fantastic part of studying at UCLan and it has given me an opportunity to make a lasting impression on recruiter. I hope it continues to expand and prove a success for other students.

Lancashire Law Fair – Tuesday 10th March from 11am-2:30pm in the Atrium, Student’s Union.

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