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‘Legal Regulation in Maritime Piracy’ – Internship at Lancashire Law School

This article was written by Valentina Meiksane about her successful internship at Lancashire Law School over the summer which allowed her to work on a number of research projects.

Last summer I decided to apply for my first ever internship at Lancashire Law School to gain work experience in research and build up my CV. At that time I had no idea how much a simple application to one of UCLan’s internships would benefit me and change my future perspectives.

Thus, I chose not to miss the opportunity and applied to work on a research project ‘Legal Regulation of Maritime Piracy’ supervised by one of the leading Law School’s staff researchers – Dr./Professor of Law Michael Salter.

Although, at the beginning of my internship I knew little about academic research of such level, I believed that my previous experience in research and skills gained during my study at UCLan, would support me in my work.

Hence, I started my first internship at Lancashire Law School which lasted for ten weeks. During these ten weeks I had the opportunity to work on various research projects such as Legal Regulation of Maritime Piracy, Hate Crime and Regionalism studies led by Dr./Professor Michel Salter. I sufficiently extended my knowledge in these fields and brought my own findings and comments regarding some research areas. Mainly, I was excited about the possibility to conduct my own research on topics of my interest, relevant to main research, what gave me a certain degree of freedom and space to extend my own research potential.  Moreover, being an intern, I got the chance to work alongside Law School’s lecturers and PhD students, learning new skills and supporting them in their research projects. And what is more exciting about my internship, is that I was not the only one who have been supervised, as I also had my own intern to supervise. In more detail, the UCLan Undergraduate Internship Scheme offers to chosen interns a week of supervising a young researchers form local grammar schools. I was lucky to be among those who received a young researcher, as it was a unique experience of supervising a younger student, combined with great time spent together with other university researchers and their young student researchers over free lunches.

However, being an intern, also requires a high degree of responsibility and time management to deal effectively with all required work. Usually, a perspective intern shall be ready to research material and work with various databases; produce short reports and make statistics; analyse data and search material from various sources like journal articles and newspaper archives. However, sometimes an intern work also involves making presentations about their research at UCLan Open Days, supervising a young researcher, and as a final step of internship work – developing an academic poster and presenting it at UCLan Undergraduate Research Conference. Sometimes, different language skills also might be required to translate material and make a research project more internationally focused.

Although, intern work may seem challenging, it was the best experience which I had during my all three years at UCLan. And now, after six months passed since I completed my internship, I can see the outcome which significantly changed my future perspectives.

First of all, after I presented my academic poster on ‘Legal Regulation of Maritime Piracy’ at UCLan Undergraduate Research Conference, I was successful in my application to present it on the British Undergraduate Research Conference (URIS) which is a national conference with hundreds of students from different countries presenting their research projects.

Legal Regulation of Maritime Piracy – Valentina Meiksane

Secondly, I was so attracted by regionalism research project that I decided to continue with my own research on Eurasian Economic Union and to do a double dissertation which I am aimed to present at Regionalism Study Association Conference in Italy in May this year.

And finally, I fulfilled my initial aim and built up my CV in the best possible way. Based on my experience I will strongly recommend to all law students not to miss a chance and apply for internship at UCLan.

P.S. If interested, see the UCLan Undergraduate Research Internship Scheme (URIS) for available internships. Moreover, URIS staff is always happy to provide support to all UCLan students who wants to apply for internship, and guide those who already applied.

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