Work Experience Placements Scheme


Lancashire Law School has a great record on employability, regularly placing in the top 15 law schools in the UK for career destinations of graduates. We really value the help and support of local and regional employers in achieving that.

Lancashire Law School are now in a position to offer students a number of valuable work experience opportunities within law firms from the locality and beyond. Working tirelessly to secure these positions over the last few months, Lancashire Law School has ensured the available placements offer a meaningful and varied work experience.

The experience garnered from one of these positions would be a welcome boost to your future career prospects in what is a highly competitive and demanding industry. Also, building a strong working rapport with an established law firm is an added advantage in the long term.

You should have received an email introducing this scheme with a separate document listing all available placement schemes. You are also welcome to apply for more than one post but are capped at a maximum of four so chose your applications wisely, do some research and see which firm you are best suited to.

Applications should comprise of CV and cover letter and should be no more than two sides of A4 for CVs and one side of A4 for covering letters. Applications that are beyond these limits or missing either CVs or cover letters will be discarded. You should be sensible in choosing your font – Times New Roman or Arial, in size 11, is advised.

As you will be making a single application for a number of posts, so your cover letter must indicate which firms you applying for. For specific law firms, placements and areas of law, you are advised to conduct research and include your findings in the cover letter. You should meet every stipulation as stated in ‘List of Available Work Experience Placements’ document. For example, where it is a prerequisite that the applicant must have a firm interest in criminal law, your cover letter must reflect this.

Make sure you take the time to ensure the position in question matches your current stage of education. For example, a second year student would not be able to apply for a position where it is a stipulation that the student be from the third year.

Please send your applications to Jack Lain jalain@uclan.ac.uk. The closing date for all applications is 5th June 2015. All applicants will thereafter receive notice as to whether they have been selected / shortlisted.

Good Luck!

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