Criminology students from the Lancashire Law School enjoyed a visit from Prison Officer Paul McGovern MBE


Paul McGovern at the UCLan Harrington lecture theatre

Prison Officer Paul McGovern MBE came to visit the University of Central Lancashire Criminology students who brought with him a drug dog and a control dog

As well as our furry friends Paul brought with him prison artefacts such as clothing, bedding and shoes. He also brought a terrifying collection of weapons that had been seized by police and prison service from across the country.


Students getting involved in different activities

Students participated in activities such as experiencing the confines of a prison cell and being placed in handcuffs. One brave student even volunteered to demonstrate the use of a control dog (don’t worry no one was hurt)!

It was a highly enjoyable visit in which gave students some first-hand account of working with offenders in prisons and some of the challenges faced by prison officers. It also helped make students aware of the diverse employment opportunities within the prison service (although many now want to be Dog Handlers)


We look forward to future visits from Paul and other members of the prisons estate with their informative, interactive and fun sessions across all the UCLan prisons modules.


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