Sunny Oxford welcomed LLS lectures Natalia Perova and Kim McGuire at the annual SLS conference

What an event: informative, engaging, social! We have had everything in those four days: multiple subject sessions, covering all areas of law; engaging post-lunch poster discussions; informative plenary sessions, delivered by the members of the judiciary (including Baroness Hale) and Law Commissioners; friendly and engaging social events – drinks and dinners in various Oxford Colleges and beautiful weather.

Apart from the more ‘serious’ part of the programme, other events such as lunch, drinks, coffee breaks and dinners enabled me to meet many of the 500 participants present at the conference. They came from not only all parts of the UK, but from many parts of the world including Mexico, Belgium, Singapore, Bermuda, and New Zealand.

But we should not forget that ‘serious’ part of the programme. A great range of papers was delivered at the subject sessions: from Maritime Law to Criminal Justice, from International Law to Restitution. Each participant could attend relevant subject sessions to enhance their knowledge of current trends and updates on each area of specialism. The participants benefited from listening to high quality papers in a variety of areas of expertise.

I was proud to be a part of International law section and deliver my paper on the liability of high-ranking officials for international crimes in international criminal law. In particular, I was discussing how the international judges link the high-ranking officials, who have not perpetrated the crimes themselves, to those international crimes using joint criminal enterprise mode of liability. The paper received a positive response from the audience and an informative exchange of ideas, which continued after the session at the drinks reception with other participants.

The four days of the SLS conference were so packed with all interesting events and papers that almost no time was left to see Oxford itself (although I still managed to find a couple of hours to walk around Oxford). The whole trip was a great fun, intellectually stimulating and very informative and I’m hoping to go to the SLS conference again next year.
Dr Natalia Perova

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