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Our new academic year is starting with the largest case yet for our Mediation Clinic

Before entering into litigation, the parties in dispute over a right of way access agreed to mediate using the LLS Mediation Clinic.  One side was represented by a solicitor and the other was a litigant in person, so accepted the offer to use a Mediation Representative (a member of the Mediation Clinic Panel) to support them. As an educational, as well community spirited clinic, students are given the opportunity to co-mediate with an experienced member of staff, support litigants in person or observe.  It was a very long day, as the mediation took over 12 hours, with a new issue being introduced late afternoon. Final positions were declared, with threats of walking out if not agreed, by both parties. However, the mediators managed to continue to facilitate communication beyond this.  The goal of the day, to settle, was achieved.

Both parties wrote in the very next day to say:

“I must say a special thank you for yesterday’s efforts, it was very much appreciated and we are extremely satisfied with the service provided.”

“Thank you very much for all of your efforts. We really appreciate that you had a very difficult job to do and we are so sorry that it took so long to achieve a result. You must have the patience of saints!!! We think the outcome was a workable solution…plus also say thanks to the rest of your team for arranging everything and making our visit as welcome (under the circumstances) as possible.”

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