UCLan Law touch down in UCLan Cyprus!

Introduction to Dispute Resolution
Susan Fletcher

Thanks to UCLan’s Travel Bursary Scheme, a dozen Lancashire Law School students from various years and courses joined a dozen law students from UCLan Cyprus to learn about dispute resolution.

Course delivery was inspired by Aristotle:
“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

All activities were facilitated by staff from UCLan Cyprus and Lancashire Law School Preston with extra assistance from Post-Graduate students at UCLan Cyprus.

Day 1

The Preston party was welcomed by Cyprus staff and both student cohorts attended an induction on the different methods of dispute resolution. The two student cohorts then worked together on local problem scenarios to consider techniques to resolve conflict. The first day was capped off with a fascinating insight into the complex politics and history of the island by Klearchos Kyriakides, before students got to know each other better over dinner!

Day 2

The second day was completely given over to the implementation of the Harvard PEACE Framework in relation to an Ancient Greek conflict. The cohorts worked together to play the roles of Athenians, Melians (Pictured below) and one rather intimidating Spartan warrior.

Cyprus - Negotiations

The negotiations were intense, frustrating and, at times, brutal as they often are in reality. The students showed exemplary teamwork, taking turns at the negotiating table and employing a diverse range of tactics and styles such as obfuscation, cooperation, renegation, aggression and compromise.

With barely a minute to go, the students’ tenacity paid off with a negotiated settlement which could have changed the course of history to avoid slavery and slaughter!

Canva - Athenians

Canva - Melians

Day 3

The third day was devoted to arbitral law and practice utilising the case study of the prestigious Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Mooting Competition. This required students to become cognisant of the applicable international and transnational laws and rules. In the afternoon, all students had the opportunity to practice their advocacy skills in order to persuade a panel of three rather demanding arbitrators of their case. In the evening, the competition oralists submitted their arguments to a panel of experienced arbitrators after which staff and students mingled at a reception hosted by UCLan Cyprus. Best of luck for the Vienna round UCLan Cyprus!

Cyprus - Arbitrators

Day 4

The Preston-based staff and students undertook a guided tour of the North of the island to see for themselves many of the places that were referred to in the talk about the island’s history, culture and politics.

The students ‘threw themselves’ wholeheartedly into all activities. They were great company and the cohorts parted as firm friends.

Special Thanks!

The UCLan Travel Bursary Scheme and Travel Office

Fellow Tutors: Nevi Agapiou, Glen Woodroffe and Klearchos Kyriakides

Post- Graduate Facilitators: Despina Christofi, Segeii Tokar and Elini Hadjichristou

Tireless Tour Guide: Marios Georgious

Heads of department: Stephanie Laulhe-Shaelou and Jane Anthony

Others who helped make this educational trip possible are Andrea Ferguson, Athanasia Hadjigeorgiou and last, but certainly not least, Melanie Kafataris!

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