LLS Students compete on the UK’s biggest legal “stage”!

4 Lancashire Law School students headed down to London in April for this year’s William Bramwell Mooting Competition, held for the first time ever at the Supreme Court and judged by none other than President of the Supreme Court Lord Neuberger!

The teams comprised of Josiah Raphael and Sophie Piper against Alkesh Pratap Singh and Ben Whittingham and were required to present submissions on a fictional criminal scenario based on the defences of duress and automatism.

Sophie, who was declared the winner alongside teammate Josiah, said that mooting in front of Lord Neuberger was an incredible opportunity. For her, the final is one of the most significant memories of her UCLan experience: “I think we were all nervous when we first arrived, however as soon as we got to work finalising our bundles, my nerves disappeared… until I was on my feet about to address the President of the Supreme Court.

Lord Neuberger, was extremely personable to us and was nice enough to give us all individual and team feedback. This was the most memorable part of the day. It was such an invaluable experience, to have a constructive conversation with the highest judge in the U.K. Whom was commenting on our submissions, strengths and giving one to one advice.”

Josiah adds that as a law student you know that you are about to enter arguably the most competitive profession in the country, aware that you need more than just good grades to stand out. He comments: “It was amazing to be able to go out and prove ourselves on the biggest stage in the UK legal system. It is not every day you are dubbed ‘charming’ by the President of the Supreme Court! I absolutely loved the opportunity … I was privileged to be working with an extremely talented partner and the chemistry lined up perfectly. I feel like we demonstrated the importance of embracing your personal strengths and how you can emphasise them even further by working together in the right team; it’s a learning curve for sure…”

A number of Lancashire Law School students were able to watch this exciting moot and cheer on the competitors following a fascinating guided tour of the Supreme Court. Very many congratulations to all of the students who participated in the competition and were able to benefit from this unique experience.

competitors in the mooting competition


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