Michael Robert Sutton – B.A. (Hons.) Law and Ph.D:

Michael gained two qualifications from Lancashire Law School. He first completed a B.A (Hons.) in Law during 1983. Then went on to complate a ph.D in Criminology in 1987.

“I originally wanted to be a solicitor, which is why I studied law. By the time I enrolled for my PhD I wanted to work as a Home Office researcher. Within a year of graduating, the Home Office selected me from several thousand applicants. I stayed with them for 14 years before embarking on an academic career in criminology. ”

Michael has gone on to complete many achievements since graduating from Lancashire Law School. “In 1999 I was joint recipient (With David Mann) of the British Journal of Criminology Prize for the article that made the greatest contribution to academic knowledge in 1998/1999, for our article ‘NetCrime: More Change in the Organization of Thieving.’ I would say another of my achievements was seeing my ‘Market Reduction Approach to theft’ adopted as recommended good practice by the UK, US NZ and Australian Governments.”

“Without a doubt I think that my degree, and experiences at UCLan have had a evident impact on my current employment with regards to my PhD. My law degree, more than anything, taught me how to find and then articulate the core issue of any complex problem.”

Michael is now a Reader in Criminology at Nottingham Trent University and is intending to write a book on fallacies, myths and plagiarism.






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